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Tire Penz

Tire Penz Rubberized Paint and Reflect Kits

Tire Penz Rubberized Paint and Reflect Kits

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Tire Penz  are supplied with a Tire Penz, reversible tip and a spare tip in a range off vibrant colours including Titanium White, Fire Red, Cobalt Blue, Sleek Silver, Blazin Orange, Vivid Yellow, Poppin Pink and Hyper Green. Tire Penz 34fl/oz./10mlRubberized Paint – Tire Penz Paint formula is a rubberized paint designed to stretch with the Tire, therefore no peeling or cracking and this paint will stay on the Tire for well over 4 months. Our redeveloped Tire Penz paint formula has the same hold and vibrancy you have come to know, but no longer requires Formula 51. SAME GREAT PAINT, LESS TIME SPENT PAINTING! Specially formulated, high quality, stick-to-rubber paint, will give your tires a unique look that will ?WOW? any onlookers down the road. Our UV protective paint ensures that your colors remain vibrant against tough weather and the harsh elements of the road. Get out and be seen! These Tire Penz are designed to stay on the tyre for over 4 months without peeling or cracking. Please follow our Simple Step by Step Instructions before Applying the Tire Paint. Tire Penz By Guys Who Ride Let the road see you coming When we first looked into the market for a tire paint pen, we noticed there was limited options and those that were available simply did not live up to their promise. We tried paint that did not stick to rubber and the quality was so poor the paint would fall off and wilt under the sun. We tried red paint that would become a pinkish rust in a day and white paint that disintegrated after one use. We wanted a paint that worked and was worthy of gracing our tires. We set off to make our own tire paint pens and after months of tinkering in the garage and dozens of tires later, Tire Penz, LLC was born. Our Mission from the start has always been to provide high quality products that our customers would be proud to put on their tires. Here at Tire Penz we love the products we created and we think you will love them as well. Whether you are painting sidewalls, or screaming your motorcycle down the highway in freshly painted treads, Tire Penz has you “Covered”. Tire Penz REFLECT KITS are supplied with a Tire Penz, reversible tip and a spare tip. Plus Reflective powder which is applied to the paint when it is wet to make it reflective, plus a wire brush is included also. PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS Before applying Tire Penz to the Tyre, ensure that no Silicone is on the tyre. Unfortunately Silicone and Paint do not mix well, therefore the paint will be applied to a layer of silicone, rather than the bare tyre itself. Always clean the tyre first with thinners or any solvent to ensure the surface is clean first. Also, if applying to a new tyre, please use a wire brush to scuff the surface first to remove any of the manufacturers chemical that is applied to a new tyre (this is usually a brown layer) Once you have cleaned and prepared the surface, simply shake the pen well and paint away. Apply one first coat and allow to dry for 12 hours, before applying a second coat and again allow to dry for 12 hours. This will allow the paint to dry and once you move the vehicle, the paint will stretch.


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